Friday, March 22, 2013

Vice Squad of Passion Opening Saturday March 23rd 7pm at ArtLab Studios

Most of Marilyn's work has grown out of a reaction to minimalism and conceptualism. Robert Ryman and Allen Ruppersberg are two very strong influences on my work. Also, Andy Warhol’s appropriation of common household objects also influenced my decision to interpret newspapers as art objects. What I have done is invert his process. Instead of making multiples, I take a mass produced object and make a singular work of art influenced by it. My work is holistic since it has an emphasis on craft and technique along with a strong conceptual impulse in an attempt to move the emotions of others. In other words, my work deliberately has mind, body and soul aspects and is meant to engage viewers beyond their visual sensations or intellectual needs. Drawing is the most primal form of my expression and easily the most deeply integral to my creative process. Drawing is as vital & as necessary as breathing. Drawing in pen & ink is the tightrope of art. It can work or it can be a colossal mess. I have come to savor the unintentional blotches and smears as vital to the final visual image. Ink reminds me to find a way to work with every possibility.

The work currently being shown includes many pieces never seen before in San Diego County from two different series. One series is called, "An Exhortation to Passion". The works are meant to galvanize a person into loving with all of their energy, thereby inspiring others not to take things for granted. These works are primarily done with oil paint, fabric and found objects on canvas

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